Meet Precision Chrome

Aug 13, 2020 | Steel

Many fluid power companies or machine shops work with affiliated companies. At Steel Supply, we work with our sister company, Precision Chrome, on a daily basis. Located in nearby Fox Lake, Illinois, Precision Chrome is both a supplier and processor for all needs, as explained below, related to fluid power and linear motion.

For nearly 50 years, Precision Chrome has evolved from a small parts chrome plating company to a specialist in hard chrome plating, centerless grinding, internal honing, and induction hardening. This group of processes supports Steel Supply, as well as external customers, in a variety of areas including quality, stock outages, and control of costs.

At both companies, the needs of customers, and the increasing demand for continuous improvement, have always been a priority and we go to extreme measures including strict adherence to any special tolerances, chrome plating thicknesses, hone tolerances, etc., to make certain these needs are met. Every detail of processing is tightly controlled and logged for verification and customer inspection requirements. Calibrated gauges are coupled with modern processing techniques to provide products that are delivered faster and better and with lower overall costs. All of these measures back up our ISO processes and eliminate or greatly reduce the shipment of bad materials.

There is a link to Precision Chrome on Steel Supply’s web site or call at 847-587-1515 for immediate attention.