The Steel Supply Company Limitations of Inspection and Testing

Oct 28, 2020 | Steel

The bars and tubes you order from The Steel Supply Company are probably the most inspected pieces of steel offered on the market today. While we have receiving inspections, in-process inspections, and final inspections, there remain limitations on the materials provided.

There are many essential features in steel making, processing, and distribution. Many of the processes used in industry today may alter or change the properties of the bar or tube. This results in our being unable to offer unconditional assurance that each and every bar or tube, even from the same heat lot, will be in exact conformance with one another.

Processes that could alter the properties include welding, machining, heat treating, grinding, and numerous others. Perhaps the most damage to a bar or tube occurs during the assembly or just plain misuse.

Quality issues should always be addressed prior to any process. This includes conformance to purchase order requirements, drawing tolerances, finishes and straightness, etc. Industry standards do not allow for a claim against materials once cut or otherwise processed which could alter the properties shown on our material certification.

We do not use chains on any of our products. Everything is lifted with a nylon sling. All of our machines and work stations use Teflon, or equivalent, buffering between the clamp, vise or other contact. Lathes use bronze bushing stock collets instead of jaws on steel chucks. Our technicians wear gloves so you won’t end up with greasy finger prints on the special surface finish. And, our paper tubes are lined with a coating to prevent sticking and maintain a viable amount of rust preventative on the surface.

We will gladly share information and incorporate your special packaging needs into our handling program. Please ask you sales representative or one of our inside sales staff for additional details.