The Steel Supply Company Induction Hardened Shafting

Dec 25, 2020 | Steel

Steel shafts that have been induction hardened, also called case hardened, go by a variety of trade names. Electreat® is the registered trade name for a family of shafting materials that have been produced for extra service piston rods or linear bearing shafts. Over the nearly half century of providing these materials, the names have been refined a bit to assist you in determining which product is best suited for your needs.

Electreat 50® describes our high strength chrome plated shafting. Items in this category range from 12mm diameter through and including 4-1/2″ diameter and are produced with a minimum yield strength of 100,000 PSI per ASTM A311, Class B. It should be noted that 4-1/2″ is the maximum diameter being produced with 100K yield.

Electreat 45® carries on the hardened shafting providing material with 75,000 PSI yield and is available in diameters from 115mm through and including 6″ diameter.

Electreat T45® is the description for much larger rounds from 160mm through and including 10″ diameter produced with 50K minimum yield strength.

All of the above are 1045/1050 grade steel with a minimum case depth of .030″ and hardness ranging from Rockwell C50 to 65.

Other hardened products include Electreat 60® which is our HRc 60 minimum linear bearing shafting made from 1060 steel and ground to a very close final diameter.

Electreat 130® is produced using our HY-130 grade (4140/4150 QTSRA) and stocked in very few diameters but readily processed using our in-house equipment at Precision Chrome.

Whichever Electreat® item you require, Steel Supply is your source for on-time shipping and quality.